Welcome to the DFL VANual!

VAN (Voter Activation Network) is the primary tool Democratic campaigns nationwide use as an engine for voter contact, volunteer management, and GOTV efforts. 

VAN is a powerful tool with many functions that will be helpful in managing your campaign. Even if you've used VAN on other campaigns, the DFL VAN has small differences you should know about. 

The DFL Data Team has written extensive documentation on the various functions of VAN. Below, the articles are linked and listed in an order that makes sense for those new to VAN. Feel free to skip articles if you are already familiar with the topic. 

If you have questions that are not answered in this guide, please email voterfile@dfl.org.


Main Menu & Definitions

My Voters vs. My Campaign

Survey Questions/Activist Codes

Create A List - Search Criteria

Create A List - Steps

Saved List vs. Saved Search

Folder Management

Quick Lookup

Voter Profiles

Editing Voter Records

Event Manager

Cutting Turf

Printing a List

Data Entry

Expired Lists

Export Requests

How to Create a Virtual Phone Banks

VPB - How To


Canvass Results


Questions or feedback? Please email us at voterfile@dfl.org

If you have suggestions for other articles that you’d like to see in the knowledge base, submit your request here.