The VAN tool used most often to make calls is known as Virtual Phone Bank (abbreviated VPB). If you have a VAN account, you can use the tool in VAN. For those who do not have an account, you can send your phonebank to a website for volunteers called OpenVPB. This article will walk through the steps to create a Virtual Phone Bank campaign and how to adjust the settings as you need. 

First, create the list of voters you’re looking to call in Create a List. Load the list and click "Calls" then select "Set up Virtual Phone Bank List" and click Next.

 Leave the default option "Use this static list (Fixed set of people)," and click Continue.


This is the main landing page for your VPB, where you can adjust your settings. 

First, name your VPB something you'll remember. Generally, you should include the geographic area, targets, and the date (ex. Beltrami Co. Volunteer Targets, 9/10). 

Select your committee script. This will determine what survey questions are available. If you'd like to set up a new script, email

Select an end date, generally about a week, and not more than a month. If you want to extend it, you can change it later.

 If you want to send the phone bank to OpenVPB, check the box to Publish as an OpenVPB.

If you're using the VPB to schedule volunteer shifts on the myCampaign side of VAN, check the box to Include Event Scheduler and then use the fields to select the specific event. 

On the right side of the screen, you can select what voter information you want to display during the phone bank.

Once you're ready to set your VPB live, click Next in the upper right-hand corner.


After it is live, you can change details of the VPB by searching Virtual Phone Bank List on the left-hand search bar. Click the title of the phone bank you want to edit it. 

In the right-hand corner, if you've published the phone bank to OpenVPB, you'll see a code and a link for your volunteers to access it. You can send them the link directly, or they can enter the code at

Common VPB Issues

My phone bank is not available in OpenVPB/My volunteers are getting an error when they try to log in.

  • It is likely that 1) your VPB is not published to OpenVPB. Check the publish box under Sharing; or 2) your VPB expired or has not yet begun. check your start and end dates to make sure it is available.

My event scheduler is not showing my event. 

  • Find your event. Under the Event Title tab, make sure that "Official Event" has been checked

I can't find my VPB in the Virtual Phone Bank List. 

  • Make sure to check Show Expired Virtual Phone Banks in the search box.


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