What are the most effective ways to track voter contact and attitudes about specific candidates and issues in VAN? Survey Questions! 

Survey Questions are where you store data about each voter you talk to on the phones or out canvassing doors. Here's an example of a survey question:

Who are you supporting in the upcoming election?

  • Candidate X
  • Candidate Y
  • Candidate Z
  • Undecided
  • Other

Every time you record a response, that is saved to their voter profile. Voters can have as many survey responses as you want - a new response the next time you speak to them will not overwrite any old responses. 

You can see old survey responses in a user's voter profile. See this article for more information on where you can see old responses [article link to come]

Most importantly, you can search for voters who gave specific responses when creating lists for future voter contact. See this article on how you can create a list based on past survey results.

To request or change a survey question in your committee, email us at voterfile@dfl.org


Activist Codes are similar to survey responses, except they are a single field instead of multiple responses under one question. Here are some examples of Activist Codes:

  • Caucus: Attendee 2020
  • Party Officials: DFL Chair - CU
  • Ethnicity: Somali

Activist Codes are stored in each voter's profile. Like survey questions, you can use them to build targeted lists in Create a List. See the links above and follow the instructions for Activist Codes. 


Questions or feedback? Please email us at voterfile@dfl.org

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