My Campaign vs. My Voters


VAN hosts two separate databases, the My Campaign side and the My Voters side. Although you only need one log-in to access both, you’ll want to use each side intentionally for a variety of use cases. In this help article, we will provide an overview of each side of VAN and how you can maximize your use of both. You can toggle between the sides by selecting either the “My Voters” tab or “My Campaign” tab in the top left corner of your VAN screen as shown in the screenshot below.


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My Voters


The My Voters side of VAN contains data provided by the Secretary of State’s (SOS) Voterfile. This includes voters’ names, age, registration date, and address. We provide supplementary data that includes phone numbers, scores, and matching addresses to their political boundaries. All voters shown in My Voters will be registered voters. 


You will want to use this side of VAN to connect with voters in your district. You can refer to our knowledge base articles on creating a list and voter contact methods like OpenVPB and print a list. In summary, this part of VAN will help you connect with your voter base.

My Campaign


The My Campaign side of VAN will contain data that you input. This is where you will want to build and maintain records of your volunteer base. For example, as you host events (virtual or in-person) you can manually enter those records into My Campaign even if they aren’t registered voters. 


My Campaign offers tools like the Event Manager, Online Actions, and Event Attendee Check-In. Please check back for more trainings on these topics as we continue to build out our knowledge base! 


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