How to Update a Voter’s Record in VAN


A voter reached out to your campaign to let them know their phone number has changed. Now what? In this article, we will cover how to update aspects of a Voter’s Record in VAN. These techniques will apply to both the MyVoters and MyCampaign side of VAN.

**Note: Campaigns are not allowed to edit vital information such as name, age, and sex in the My Voters side of VAN. This is because that information comes directly from the Voter Registration. 


Go to Quick Look Up and find the voter you want to edit.

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You can find more information about Quick Look Up here. At minimum you should have the voters First Name, Last Name, and one other piece of information to narrow your search to the correct voter! **If you're unsure if you have the right person, it's always better to create a new profile in MyCampaign than to update the wrong person.


When you find who you're looking for, click on the voter's name. This will populate the voter’s profile and provide a look into all of the information about that individual. A reminder, this is still someone’s private and personal data and should be treated respectfully as such. 


To edit a phone number or email address, you’ll want to click the arrow to drop down the specific field you’re hoping to edit. In this example, we’re going to look at updating a voter’s phone number. 

If this phone number is incorrect, click the Delete button to remove the number from the voter’s record. If you have a new phone number to add to their record enter the number and click Save New 

If the number you want to add is already in the list of numbers (ex: you called their office, but they want you to call their cell in the future), click Set Preferred next to the correct phone number. You can leave the old number or delete it as necessary. 

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