• Highlighted How-To

    • Writing an Email Using Drag & Drop

  • Updates to the Minnesota Voterfile

    • Early Vote Data

  • Blast Email: Decommissioning 

  • ActionNetwork Updates

Highlighted How-To

Our highlighted How-To this week is Writing an Email Using Drag & Drop. We encourage you to look through these recent articles that we have added to our Knowledge Base. You can find our full knowledge base here

Updates to the MN Voterfile

Early Vote Data is on its way! A reminder from last weekend, we will begin loading early vote data into VAN starting next Friday. From 9/18 through 10/19 this data will be into VAN for you by 11:30 AM. Starting on 10/19 through the Election this data will be into VAN for you by 7:30AM. 

Blast Email: Decommissioning

As you’ve heard from our past emails, NGP VAN’s Blast Email tool will be deactivating in the coming weeks. The DFL will be offering support to users interested in our new mass email tool, ActionNetwork. You can view our FAQ about ActionNetwork here. You can email with any questions about this tool! On Friday, August 28 users who have permissions to email with Blast Email in VAN should have received an email from VAN’s tech team about what you can expect in this transition. Key take-aways from that email include, Blast Email will shut down completely on September 14th and past contact history from emails will remain available in MyVoters through the 2020 election cycle. NGP VAN will be supporting a mass email tool called Targeted Email. Your team can decide if ActionNetwork or Targeted Email is your preferred tool. Targeted Email will be fully supported by NGP VAN.

ActionNetwork Updates

We’re excited to update you all on our new mass email tool - ActionNetwork! Again, starting Monday, Blast Email will no longer be available. However, we are continuing to keep your ActionNetwork tags up to date. Starting the 18th through the end of the cycle, we will update tags on a weekly basis. If you are a current ActionNetwork user and you would like to see additional tags added to your group, please complete this form and we will work to add those tags to your committee. You can also check out our ActionNetwork FAQ for general information on the tool! 

If you’re interested in learning more about ActionNetwork we encourage you to join us for a training session - you can view our Knowledge Base article here to learn how to sign up on the DFL Training Hub.