When writing an ActionNetwork email, the tool defaults to a general text box in which you can place text, links, etc. However, there is another option to format your emails which provides additional features and flexibility. This text email formatting tool is called Drag & Drop. 

When you begin to write an email, you'll enter into editor mode, which is where you write the email. In the top right-hand corner is a toggle switch between "Drag & Drop" and "Visual/HTML." Click this switch to change modes. 

Now in place of the text editor, you'll have a panel of options shown below.

The area in blue is called a block. Blocks are areas in which you can edit and insert images, text, etc. Everything outside the blocks is called the body. 

Blocks contain various forms of content, seen in the panel on the right. To insert content, click the type you want and drag it into the block. Here are the different forms of content you can use:

Columns allows you to break a block into two or more segments, divided vertically. Each segment can hold a different type of content. In the example below, the block is now divided into three equal segments in which you can put different contact types.

Button allows you to insert a button that will take the recipient to a certain link. Click on the button to edit its features. In the block, you can type the text the recipient will see, such as "Click Here to Sign Up." Below are two examples

  • In the right panel are a series of options for the button. "URL" is where you paste the link you want the recipient to go to when the button is clicked. 
  • You can also adjust the button's color and appearance. Increasing the number in the "Rounded Border" field will turn the button from a square into an oval depending on your preference

Divider simply turns the block into a single horizontal line to help you divide your email into separate segments

HTML opens up a box to insert HTML code to display various things. If you know HTML, feel free to play around with this.

Image allows you to insert an image. You can select an image from your personal computer or use the Image URL to take an image from a website. 

  • Clicking the grey button "Apply Effects & More" on the right-hand panel will open up a photo editor. You can use this to crop your image, add in lines and shape, apply filters, and more. 
  • Your image can also link to a website, much like a button. Simply enter the website into the URL field under "Actions"

Menu allows you to insert a series of links to different pages. In the right-hand panel, simply click "Add New Item" and enter the URL for that option. You can have as many Menu options as you'd like.

Text is where you can actually write the body of your email. This text editor has many more features than the default editor, including a variety of fonts, highlighting and colors, and underlining.


Blocks on the right-hand panel allows you to insert more blocks for content. Simply drag the block type you want to the body to drop it in. You can also rearrange the order of the blocks by dragging one block above others on your screen


Body allows you to change the background color (everything outside your blocks) as well as establish a default font and block width.


Images allows you to select from millions of stock images in the ActionNetwork library. Simply search what you're looking for and drag any image into a block to insert it into your email. 


Hopefully this tool will allow you to craft more fun emails to send to voters and volunteers! 


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