What do I need to do to get my campaign/OU set up on ActionNetwork?

To get set up on ActionNetwork, please submit an agreement, which is attached below. Payments will be sent as an invoice to the email on file for your Campaign/Organizing Unit.

Can Organizing Units use ActionNetwork?

Yes! Organizing Units are encouraged to use ActionNetwork as their mass email tool to reach their membership and constituents in their district.

What do the plan levels mean?

The pricing structure outlines the number of emails you anticipate sending that month. You can think back to texting plans before unlimited texting in early 2000's!

How does the pricing structure work? Is it a monthly charge, or one time?

Monthly, however if the number of emails needed changes we can adjust accordingly.

Is the price the same even if the user doesn't actually send any emails or sends less than their plan allows?

If you send fewer emails than the max number of emails in your plan, your price will be the same. However, if you send over the max number of emails in your plan, your price will increase to the appropriate tier.  

Will we be charged for emails sent or will there be a charge for just access?

The cost of ActionNetwork is based on the number of emails sent per month, there is not an additional charge for access.

How do users send in their payments?

An invoice will be provided on the 15th of every month and a check will be due fifteen days after.

How does Action Network integrate with VAN? What happens to the tags and custom fields we've been using for previous email lists?

Email addresses from VAN will be moved over by DFL staff to Action Network. If you have previously saved email templates that you will want to use in Action Network, you should save the content to your personal records.

What tags will be available in ActionNetwork?

Tags, criteria you can target your email list on, will include likely party, volunteer likelihood, gender, ethnicity, caucus attendees/alternates, and early voters once that data becomes available. If you need specific tags from your VAN account loaded into ActionNetwork, fill out this form and the data team will load that data for you. 

What will happen to the Blast Email tool in VAN? 

The blast email tool is no longer supported by the Minnesota DFL.

How often will ActionNetwork be updated with new information from VAN?

Starting on September 18, 2020, ActionNetwork will be updated weekly with any new information from VAN, including updating lists from people who's address or email has changed. Likely party tags will be updated once weekly, and early voters will be updated twice weekly

How do I resubscribe an activist?

We encourage you to walk ActionNetwork's step-by-step guide on how to resubscribe activists here


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