Good afternoon DFLers! 

My name is Thomas Adamson, and I’m the newest member of the DFL Data Team. 

From now until Election Day, the Data Team will be sending weekly emails to all DFL Campaigns and activists regarding data help, tips, and best practices. We are also significantly ramping up our use of help articles for all of your use regarding all things VAN! We’re excited to start providing more services to you all to make your jobs that much easier. 

Before we jump into our first weekly data topic, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to the whole team. 

Again, my name is Thomas, and I am from Portland, Oregon, where I’m also currently working remotely. After graduating college in 2018, I worked on coalition building around several Oregon ballot measures. After that cycle, I eventually went to work as a Field Organizer for (Future Vice President!) Kamala Harris’ presidential bid in NE Iowa and later as a Data Associate for Amy Klobuchar in Iowa and at her Minneapolis HQ. 

In my free time during this lockdown period, I like to read political history, listen to podcasts on current events, and work on projects around the house and in my backyard. I’m currently re-watching Game of Thrones for the n-th time, and my favorite color is mountain meadow.

When the pandemic ends, I’m looking forward to traveling again to see family and friends and maybe going on a vacation to DisneyLand or Las Vegas. 

Our data topic of the week: Convention and Caucus Activist Codes! 

VAN has now been updated with information regarding 2020 Caucus attendees and alternates and delegates at the State and Organizing Unit Conventions. 

In My Voters, all 2020 attendees, alternates, and delegates have been tagged with an Activist Code. You can use these Activist Codes when building a list in myVoters. These are typically some of the most engaged DFL volunteers and activists, so they make good targets for volunteer recruitment and fundraising. Please reference this article for more information on what those codes mean and how to find them. 

We also wanted to provide you all with an update and more information regarding the rollout of ActionNetwork as our new email tool. We have been working diligently to set up accounts for everyone who has returned their User Agreement. You should be receiving information to get started with the program by the beginning of next week, if you haven’t started hearing from us already!

In the meantime, we’ve been fielding a lot of questions regarding the cost and pricing structure, trainings, and how the rollout will affect current email campaigns. Please take a look at our ActionNetwork FAQ page for more information. If you have any further questions, we’d be happy to go over those individually.

Lastly, each week we want to highlight new support articles that are available for you to learn new skills in VAN or refresh old topics. Check out our new articles on How To: FreshDesk Knowledge Base and Quick Lookup and Quick Mark!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. Please also let us know what information you would like to see in our weekly emails or in our article database. You can submit ideas here.

Have a great weekend!

Thomas Adamson & the DFL Data Team