VAN now uses Activist Codes in myVoters to track attendees, delegates, and alternates at the State and Organizing Unit Conventions.

For 2020, there are four Caucus and Convention Activist Codes:

  • Caucus Attendee 2020
  • SD/CU Alternate2020 (Organizing Unit Convention)
  • SD/CU Delegate 2020 (Organizing Unit Convention)
  • State Delegate 2020*

*Note that in 2020, there is no State Alternate Code. This is because, due to COVID-19, the 2020 State Convention was virtual, and all alternates were allowed to become delegates. 

You can use these Activist Codes when building a list in myVoters. These are typically some of the most engaged DFL volunteers and activists, so they make good targets for volunteer recruitment and fundraising targets. 

Please see below for info on how to find these Activist Codes in VAN.


In Create A List, find the Activist Codes dropdown. From there, you can select the code you want to use. All Caucus and Convention Codes begin with "Caucus: " and are organized by convention type. 

If you want to select multiple Activist Codes at a time, press the blue "Activist Code" link next to the dropdown. Then simply check the Codes you want to use and press "Save" in the lower right corner.


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