How to Update Your Leadership List

Navigating to your Leadership List

  1. Go to your Google Drive.
  2. Click on "Shared with me".
  3. Open the folder titled with your unit's name.
  4. Open the spreadsheet named "2022-2023 - [unit name] Aitkin DFL Leadership and Endorsement Reporting".

 Overview Page

The Overview Page contains links to each tab on the spreadsheet and a short description of what the tab is used for.

Leadership Tab

This tab is where you will enter your unit leadership. If a space is yellow, it is an editable field (some are blacked-out in this image for privacy, your sheet will not have blacked-out spaces). When you have changes to your leadership, click on the cell and enter the new officer's information. The Party Affairs department will be automatically notified of any changes, so as long as they are made here, you are good to go.

Precinct Leadership Tab

This is where you will enter your precinct leadership. Here, you will see a list of every precinct in your unit, and which Congressional District they are in. If you scroll to the right, you will see space to enter two voce chairs for each precinct.

Code of Conduct Tab 

This is where you can see exactly who has singed the code of conduct for your unit. You will NOT need to manually enter names here, they will be added to this list automatically. Please see "How to sign out the Code of Conduct" for more information.

Endorsements Tab

This is where you can enter your endorsements. If you reported your endorsements in your convention reporting, they should appear here automatically. If not, you can fill this page out.

Resources Tab

This tab will contain common resources for party units. Please take some time to explore this tab, and use these resources to answer some of your questions!