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Highlighted How-To’s

This week we encourage you to look through all of the articles that we have added to our Knowledge Base. We’ve added a lot over the cycle and are continuing to add more each week. If you haven’t already, bookmark our full Knowledge Base in your browser for quick access! We are also asking that if you have any suggestions for future articles that you submit a request here

Updates to the MN Voterfile

Dialers, disconnects, direct mailer, oh my!  With everything you and your teams are working on , we wanted to keep our update as short as possible this week. We are approaching being a month out from the election and voters have begun casting their ballots. You may have noticed this already, but VAN will remove voters who have already returned their ballots when you create a list! You can view this default under the “Absentee Voting” search criteria in Create a List (also shown below). 

As the election approaches, we want to remind you to request your final mailer requests soon. Many print shops will provide a deadline for a “last call” day to send out your mailer before November 3rd. Your individual print shop will provide a concrete deadline, but we recommend requesting your final exports about a month before the election to ensure proper processing times!  

We continue to support Action Network users! If you would like to see additional tags added to your group, please complete this form and we will work to add those tags to your committee. You can also check out our ActionNetwork FAQ for general information on the tool! 

New Vote Plan 2020 Survey Question in VAN

A reminder from last week, the data team uploaded all past vote plan survey question responses from all committees into one question: “*Vote Plan - General.” Moving forward, this will be the vote plan question for every script, and every committee has been shared on the question. This will help everyone, since you will now be able to see and search on all responses in your district, even those that have been collected by other campaigns. 

For those of you who have been using the default script, you should not notice any changes. The question has the same wording and responses as the standard question. For those of you who have been using your own version of the vote plan question, you can expect to hear from us this week regarding the transition to the general vote plan question.