If you want to use VAN for your party unit (examples: SD65 DFL, Duluth DFL, CD07 DFL):

In order to gain access to VAN you must have your respective party unit/campaign VAN Admin (typically your party unit chair, field director, campaign manager, or candidate) request you be added to their VAN Committee. They must send your first name, last name, and email address to voterfile@dfl.org.

If you want to use VAN for a political campaign (examples: Jon Snow for Bloomington Mayor, Rachel Stowers for SD71):

If your campaign does not already have a VAN committee please follow the instructions in Campaign Managers and Candidates: How to Setup VAN for a Campaign.

If your campaign has already set up a VAN committee, have the campaign's VAN admin email voterfile@dfl.org with the new user's first name, last name, and email address.

If you are neither a campaign nor a party unit (examples: ballot initiative, issue-focused nonprofit), please reach out to voterfile@dfl.org to discuss your options for access to the Minnesota voter file.


Questions or feedback? Please email us at voterfile@dfl.org 

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