In this article, we will review how to get access to VAN, what is VAN, and provide some email templates for how you can reach out to us! 

What is VAN:

VAN stands for the Voter Activation Network. This is an elaborate acronym to say that the tool is used to contact voters. Within VAN you will find voter information and tools to help contact voters. Additionally, you can utilize VAN to record conversations you're having with voters. This will help you track your strongest supports and hopefully help you convince them to be your best volunteer!  

Behind VAN are many teams of support for you. The DNC and NGP VAN support more technical aspects of the tool that make it run smoothly and without user interruption. The Minnesota DFL Data Team supports your day to day use of the tool. Our team provides training, documentation like this, and rapid email support for our users. We're always an email away at if you have questions! 

We're excited that you're considering using VAN!

Accessing VAN:

Please email us at to request pricing and the VAN agreement. If you would like a demo or more information about VAN we can provide further information! You can use the email templates below to make either request. 

Email Template:


My name is [NAME] and I am running for [Seat]. I would like to know the cost of VAN access for [SEAT] and to submit the [YEAR] VAN agreement.

Once we receive your email requesting VAN access, we will send you a VAN agreement and pricing information. Please send back your signed VAN agreement as soon as possible. Also, please send your payment in the form of a check to our address: 255 Plato Blvd, St Paul, MN 55107 (note that you are allowed to sign into your VAN account before your check clears - once your VAN agreement is signed and you receive the account activation email, you can start accessing your account) 

You will receive an account activation email after we have set up your account. IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE ACTIVATION PROCESS you will receive a confirmation email from VAN in your email with an account activation link. THIS LINK WILL EXPIRE IN 48 HOURS, so please by timely

After your account is activated, sign in and view your committee! Also, remember to complete the VAN training as described in our 2023 DFL Data Training Schedule

Questions or feedback? Please email us at 


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