Who is eligible to request and receive a roster list?

  • Any candidate for office seeking the DFL endorsement

  • Any party unit or officer of a party unit

  • Any person seeking party office

  • Any DFLer requesting a list

How do we determine the eligibility of individuals requesting lists?

  • Verify they have registered to run as a DFLer with the Secretary of State? OR

  • Look up the candidate or individual in VAN and establish DFL bona fides OR

  • Verify they are an officer of a party unit

What if a candidate has not yet registered and VAN does not clearly establish the candidate as a DFLer?

  • The “LIST REQUEST AGREEMENT” requires a candidate pledge to run as a DFLer  

Who should a list be requested from?

  • For lists of delegates to a party unit convention direct requests to party unit Chair/Secretary

  • For lists of SCC, SEC or delegates to State Convention direct requests to DFL Party Affairs

  • For lists of party unit officers direct requests to party unit Chair/Secretary or DFL Party Affairs

What list will party unit Chair/Secretary or DFL staff produce upon request by a candidate?

  • A “roster” as defined in the Rule Book list policy is a list of members elected as officers, delegates, or alternates by that unit to any office, convention, endorsing commission, central committee, or executive committee within the DFL

  • The list may be from VAN and the list type is ¡PAPER CALL LIST in pdf form

  • The list will include:

    • Mailing address

    • Phone number

    • Email address (ONLY if the organizing unit sends Official Notices for the convention via email) 

  • The list will only contain the most recent list of officers or delegates, not any prior data


  • A document explaining who is requesting a list, for what campaign (if applicable) & for what use,

  • It is a pledge to be or run as a DFLer, 

  • Defines the intended use of the list,

  • A pledge to not share the list or use it for other purposes,

  • A one-time use limitation