In this article we will cover how to sign up for trainings offered by the DFL Data Team. We are accepting sign ups for all trainings, but note that you will not receive an invitation to your desired training until the week of the training. 

You can sign up directly on the DFL Training Hub. If you haven't used the Training Hub before, follow our instructions here

VAN Training -- All VAN users must take EITHER a recorded or live training

Option A: Recorded VAN training is available in full on the Training Hub. From the Content page on the Training Hub, please search "2023 Required VAN Training" and filter to "Learning Paths." See the screenshot below for how to find the correct learning path:

Option B: If you prefer live courses, we offer live VAN trainings the first Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm. The list of live training dates is below:

Tuesday, February 7th

Tuesday, March 7th

Tuesday, April 4th

Tuesday, May 2nd

Tuesday, June 6th

**July session cancelled due to July 4th holiday**

Tuesday, August 1st

Tuesday, September 5th

Tuesday, October 3rd

**November live session cancelled due to Election Day**

Additionally, we will host a live VAN training boot camp every weeknight during the first week of December to prepare folks for the 2024 election cycle. Please look for the release of December trainings following the November 7th municipal elections.

In the Training Hub, please search for "2023 Live VAN Trainings." Training sign ups close 24 hours before the session. 

Action Network

Action Network has a great how-to video on how to send emails using the service.

We also have a knowledge base article covering the basics. Our article Frequently Asked Questions on Action Network is also a useful starting point.

Action Network will not redistrict users until 2023. Until then, we have uploaded the new districts into Action Network as custom fields for you to use. Instructions on how to target post-2022 districts can be found here.

Data Office Hours

We are available for all VAN users over Zoom every Friday from noon to 3pm. Please sign up for an appointment at

We hope you can join us for one or all of our trainings, however we know this schedule will not work for each individual's schedule. We are happy to connect at other times for more group trainings! 

Questions or feedback? Please email us at

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