When you do a second pass of your GOTV turfs, you may not see the coloring on the bubbles that indicates whether a doorknock was attempted, not attempted, or completed. For reference, the screenshot below shows this coloration, with the orange bubbles indicating those that were attempted and not home, and the blue bubbles showing someone who was canvassed. 

However, if over 7 days have passed since the list number was used, or if we refreshed the region (meaning we refresh to see if anyone has been added or removed to our universe), the coloring on the bubbles will clear out. Below is a screenshot of a turf that was knocked, but was knocked over 7 days ago, so no colored bubbles appear on the screen. 

Luckily, the data that has been collected does not disappear. On a voter’s profile in MiniVAN,you can tap on the “History” tab to see a person’s previous contact history. This will show you when someone last attempted to contact this voter, whether they were successful, and what previous answers to questions they gave. For example, the person in the below screenshot was contacted on October 19 in person, and said they were undecided about the full DFL ticket. 

Canvassers should use this history tab when walking up to a voter’s door. This way, canvassers will know if a person has been recently contacted. There is potentially a case for talking to someone who hasn’t been talked to in over a week, but we should not be going to the doors of voters who we have just spoken to in the last few days.