Happy Wednesday!

On tonight's party leader call we will go over the basics of communications, and have some time for a Q&A session.


Alexis & Sonja

Sonja Johnson (She, Her, Hers) - Training and Party Affairs Director

Alexis Larumbe (She, Her, Hers) - Training Associate

Minnesota DFL 

Email: training@DFL.org



The DFL Coordinated Campaign is HIRING across Minnesota!! 

Help us get the word out by posting on your social media and your unit's social media! Here is the link for the job description, and below are some graphics you can post: https://dfl.org/job/field-organizers/



We are also looking for supporter housing for some of our new employees! If you are interested in hosting someone, or know someone who is interested in being a host, please contact Lucy Dornbach at: ldornbach@dfl.org


Weekly Party Leader Calls – Wednesdays 5-6PM (code: wednesday)

Party Leader calls include a mini-training, time for leaders across the State to meet and share ideas, then wraps with Q&A time with Party Affairs Staff. Each mini-training will be posted on the Training Hub.


DFL Data Tools Live Training (code: data

Join the DFL data team for weekly training sessions covering best practices around VAN, the ActionNetwork and advanced data tools. You can also find the DFL Data Tools Knowledge Base when you go to the training sign up. 


How to Update Your Local Unit Webpage (Code: website)

Each Local Unit needs to view the recorded training sessions and complete the Google Form in this course to gain access to the login information for their webpage account. 

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Helpful resources on registering for trainings:

How-To Guide: This guide walks through how to sign up for the training and how to find the zoom link after you are signed up.


Video: This is a video that walks through the process to find the training in the Training Hub and how to sign up for specific calls (it does not have sound)

Partner Trainings




When we talk about our messaging, at the top of everyone's list is the notion that what we're doing doesn't seem to be working. We have to change the way we communicate, but how?

There is a way. Building on the work of linguist and cognitive scientist George Lakoff and others, the workshop will reveal:

  • Why liberals and conservatives take the positions they do.
  • What we need to stop doing to be successful.
  • How to frame a message so it works.

Applying current science in cognition —about how people's brains really work -- you'll learn about the science behind framing and leave with skills empowering you to create messages that really work (hint: facts and logic aren't a great way to start).

In this 3.5 hour workshop, you will learn to apply our hands-on “Stop, Drop and Roll” techniques that teach the skill of framing messages that tell people who we are, what we believe, and why our ideas work better for all Americans.

Register here:  Stop, Drop and Roll Workshop

Cost:  $25/adult; $10/student

    Webinars (typically last 1 hour)    

Framing the Impending Roe v Wade Decision

Monday, June 27 at 7:00 pm Central time

After a half century of a woman's constitutional right to bodily autonomy, Republican Justices are poised to take it away. Our current messaging is simply not up to the task in front of us and some of what we say actually works against us. Framing expert Antonia Scatton will present her comprehensive and authoritative framing analysis and messaging guidance.  This issue will be front and center for 2022 -- be prepared.


Cost:  Free (with a pay what you will donation option to support our work)