Scroll down until you see the "Field Values" section under "Include" on the left side of the screen. Click the "Add" button.

Under "Include activists who filled out the field named," select the type of district that you would like to narrow by. For example, if you need to email just people in a Senate District, you would enter "SD 2022". 

The, under "and entered a value of," you will enter the district you would like. For example, if you were looking for SD63, you would enter 63. 

As of 7/15/22, you can use this method to email redrawn precincts. 

Under "Include activists who filled out the field named", choose "Precinct 2022" and under "and entered a value of", enter the precinct you are looking for, exactly as it is spelled in VAN. As a reminder, you can find precincts in VAN by selecting  "County" under Home Districts, at which point the precinct field will appear. 

You can also use this method to email newly drawn county commissioner districts. First, choose your county:

Then, using field values, select County Commissioner 2022 under "Include activists who filled the field named" and put the district number under "and entered a value of."