If you are not seeing delegate lists or they are wildly different than expected: Make sure you are in MyCampaign, not MyVoters 

If you notice that your delegate list is smaller than expected: Leakage Points

Data collection and validation on a statewide scale is messy! If your delegate list is smaller than you expected, please note the following leakage points in the caucus data collection process:

1. No contact info provided at caucus (3% of statewide caucus attendees)

Causes: attendee did not provide contact info, or local unit did not record it.

We can’t match to a district in the voterfile without contact information. They count towards statewide caucus attendance numbers, but cannot be segmented geographically.

2. There is no My Voters record for the attendee, and VAN couldn't automatically match the address to a district (6% of statewide caucus attendees)

We can match many of these records by cleaning the addresses and matching them to the appropriate 2022 district. Matches are approximated with a computer algorithm and then manually audited by the Data Dept row-by-row. This audit was finalized and updated on Tuesday, 3/1/22.

Please note that not all records will match. In our initial audit, we are seeing that about a third of these records are in HD65A.

If you notice that your delegate list is larger than expected: 

This issue is more likely to affect committees with large MyCampaign databases. When the delegate lists were uploaded into the 2022 caucus master committee, the SD/CU Delegate 2022 code applied itself to people that already existed in MyCampaign committees. 

This can be fixed by using the "Add A Step" function in VAN and selecting "Narrow People." After this, include the code Caucus: Caucus Attendee 2022 in the Step 2 Activist Code section. This will ensure that only people who have both codes are selected, ensuring you get a more accurate list. (Note: You can also do this the opposite way i.e. Step 1 - Activist Code = Caucus Attendee 2022 and Step 2: Narrow People - Activist Code = SD/CU Delegate 2022) 

If you notice that a delegate has an address in My Campaign that is not in your district:

This issue affects less than 2% of voters statewide. This person has an address elsewhere in VAN that superseded the address they gave at caucus. Contact the delegate, and ask where they caucused. 

If they caucused in your district, they're your delegate! If necessary, you can correct their address by selecting their record in My Campaign, and then clicking "Add New Address" under "Addresses." Then, enter the correct address. If the address is matchable in VAN, then VAN will append district and precinct info overnight.

If they didn't caucus in your district, send their full name, VAN ID, and the district where they caucused to voterfile@dfl.org, and we will put them in the correct district. These switches can happen if a voter caucuses in a different district than where they are registered to vote (for example, a college student may caucus at college. In the absence of a My Campaign address, VAN may append their hometown address if that is where the delegate is registered to vote. However, they are actually supposed to be a delegate in their college town).