To pull newly registered voters you'll want to use the "Age • Registration Date," section in create a list. There you'll use the 'Reg Date From' fields. You then enter a time frame. For example anybody who registered since the 2018 election you'd want to use the range 11-07-2018: --/--/---- (leaving the second section blank means from anything after the first date).

Next you'll see there are two options. "Oldest known," and "Current." What this means is you have the choice to select people who registered for the first time (to our knowledge) in Minnesota since the '18 election, or people who have updated their registration since the '18 election. 

If you're looking to welcome people to your district you'd likely want to use "Current," as that will select anybody who has re-registered since in the selected time frame. If you want people who are engaging in voting for the first time ever since the 2018 election you'd want to select "Oldest Known."


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