Resolution of Support (ROS) Reporting

  1. Once your unit has voted to provide a Resolution of Support (ROS) to a candidate you will want to report the ROS to the MN DFL.

  2. Navigate to your “DFL Leadership and Endorsement Reporting” Google Sheet. 

    1. If you are not sure how to access this Google Sheet, please reach out to

  3. Click on the “Endorsements” tab as shown in the image below.

  4. Enter in the required information! The information is listed below and in row 1 of the Google Sheet!

    1. Candidate Office

    2. Candidate Name (First and Last)

    3. Campaign Email

    4. Campaign Phone

    5. Campaign Contact (if not candidate)

    6. Date (when the ROS was voted on)

    7. Is this an endorsement or letter of support?

  5. Once you’ve entered this information, you are done! 

The candidate can reach out to for information on VAN access.

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