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The More You Know!


VAN is a tool that is widely used across the country, and by knowing how to utilize VAN can help your county party. VAN allows you to make a list based on geography and partisan models, so that you can find Democratic voters in your county. Not only that, but you'll be able to get the update for Democrats who have moved into your county and need to update their registration/register to vote.


By getting access to VAN, you'll be able to start making calls and knock on doors to target the right voters and ensure that our Democratic communities are encouraged to make it to the ballot box. That being said, let us know what additional documentation you’d like to see by filling out our recommendation form here! You can see our current documentation on the Freshdesk Knowledge Base!



DFL Data Open Hours

We know that DFL Data trainings may not fit everyone's schedule. As an alternative, we hold space for questions and concerns from our users every Friday from 11am - 1pm. You're encouraged to sign up for open hours here! Open hours will be hosted on Zoom and you will receive a Zoom invitation after you sign up.

This space is intended to be collaborative, so the time will be open for multiple folks at once. We look forward to meeting with you!

As always, please reach out to the full data team at with any questions or concerns you may have!