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Simplifying Scheduling Volunteers for Events


This weekend we're please to have another piece written by our Data Intern Margaret Moran. She'll continue working with our team until the end of May and we are excited to see where her Macalester education will take her! Below is her piece "Simplifying Scheduling Volunteers for Events." 


As 2021 and 2022 races start to heat up, you might be starting to recruit volunteers for your campaigns. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to schedule volunteers for events, you’re in luck!


When you are in VAN creating a phone bank, after creating a list and hitting “calls,” you will be directed to a “Virtual Phonebank Details'' page. Under “Events,” you can select “Include Event Scheduler.” This will add an option on your phone bank for the caller to schedule contacts for upcoming events. With an API integration, callers will be able to sign up contacts for events on any platform, including Mobilize, and the contact’s status in VAN for the event will be changed to “Scheduled.”



If you would like assistance with setting up an API integration, you can attend one of our VAN trainings, you can sign up for our VAN Trainings here!


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