• DFL Data Open Hours
  • Introducing a New VAN Log-In Screen

DFL Data Open Hours

We know that DFL Data trainings may not fit everyone's schedule. As an alternative, we hold space for questions and concerns from our users every Friday from 11am - 1pm. You're encouraged to sign up for open hours here! Open hours will be hosted on Zoom and you will receive a Zoom invitation after you sign up.

This space is intended to be collaborative, so the time will be open for multiple folks at once. We look forward to meeting with you!


Introducing a New VAN Log-In Screen


We hope you've had a chance to see the new log-in screen for VAN, but if you haven't we wanted to bring it to your attention! Functionally, your log in process for VAN remains the same. However, the look and feel of the new log-in screen creates a more modern sign on experience. As always, you will first enter your email and password as shown in the image on the left below. Then you will be prompted to enter your two-factor authentication (2FA) code as shown in the image on the right below. Hit "continue" and you are signed in! 


Hopefully you're enjoying time in the sun and this near-70 degree day! As always, please reach out to the full data team at with any questions or concerns you may have!