• Highlighted How-To’s
    • How to Update a Voter’s Record in VAN
    • What is Likely Party? 
    • Building a List - Types of Steps 
  • Why is Building a List Important?

Highlighted How-To’s


Our highlighted How-To’s this week include How to Update a Voter’s Record in VANWhat is Likely Party, and Building a List – Types of Steps. Our "Building a List - Types of Steps" article will be useful in your digestion of the next section as well! We encourage you to look through these recent articles that we have added to our Knowledge Base. You can find our full knowledge base here


Why is Building a List Important?


Some people like to start their day with a cup of coffee, others log into VAN. Often the first thing you do when logging into VAN is gravitate toward "Create a List." For experienced VAN users this is as simple as flipping on a light switch. However, for a new user there's so much to see and even more to do, why would you want to start with a list? This section of our weekly email will dive into this!  


Building your list is important because it provides the foundation of who you are going to canvass! Most of the time your list will start in the form of a conversation with partners in your campaign or organizing unit. You should be able to say a statement out loud about who is in your list before creating the search itself. For example, you may say a statement like "I will be calling High Propensity DFL'ers who are young." This statement can be translated into a search in VAN. It's likely you'd work to create this list using home district, target, age, and phone search criteria. You might even ask your partners who they think of as "young" and edit your search accordingly!


VAN can help us tell and hear stories. The list created in the example above might lead you to a voter who is so passionate about DFL'ers that they become your next super volunteer. It might help you connect a voter to resources for voter registration. In short, creating a list that is intentional and robust will help you engage with voters in your district! 


As always, please reach out to our team at if you have any questions or concerns!