A Very Spring Hello


Hello all,


With the change in weather, we wanted to provide a fresh perspective on MyCampaign. The DFL Data Team has had the unique joy of working with Margaret Moran as our intern since January. In this email, Margaret will provide some key take-aways about using MyCampaign as she has started her career in politics! 


With a warm weekend ahead, we hope you'll enjoy more time outside instead of on VAN. It's not very likely you will hear us say that more than once! 

Key Take-Aways: MyCampaign


When I was organizing with the Angie Craig for Congress campaign in the fall of 2020, we found it helpful to use the “notes” section of the phone bank in MyCampaign. The notes section is a handy feature of MyCampaign that allows the organizer who is making the calls to take notes on their calls. Sometimes the notes take the form of “Phone number has waiting room music while you’re waiting to hear from them” or “Great volunteer!” but they can have other uses, too.


While making calls to potential volunteers, we kept track of which supporters seemed like possible volunteer recruits but would not quite commit to a shift. After making our volunteer ask, if someone answered “Maybe,” we would ask the volunteer when would be a better time for them to volunteer, and take notes on their response. Another organizer would follow up with them and ask them about potentially doing a shift later on based on what they had written in the notes. The note-taking combined with the follow-through demonstrated our campaign’s organizational skills as well as our commitment to growing our team.


So next time you’re setting up a phone bank for your organizers, encourage them to leave notes when they’re making calls in MyCampaign! You might meet some great new volunteers that way.


- Margaret Moran, DFL Data Intern 

As always, please reach out to our full team at voterfile@dfl.org if you have any questions or concerns!