Highlighted How-To’s

Our highlighted How-To’s this week include 
2021 DFL Data Training Schedule and Training Hub – How Do I Get Trained?. We’re highlighting articles on trainings this week so you have the opportunity to dig in with new organizers or refresh your own VAN knowledge! We would love to have you joining us for our upcoming live trainings! We encourage you to look through these recent articles that we have added to our Knowledge Base. You can find our full knowledge base here

Updates to the MN Voterfile


We are continuing to receive individual level voter data back from the Secretary of State's office. As we continue to receive data, we have begun our internal analysis. With that being said, you too have access to this data. We anticipate having a final Voterfile Update with data by the end of the month. We will continue to be in communication with committee shut down timelines. If you are a member of a campaign that plans to utilize VAN this year, reach out to us at so we can get your access renewed! 

Connect with Us!

With all that you all do, we want to invite you to connect with us at We are around to answer questions about VAN and ActionNetwork. We'd love to hear what more you'd like to know about! As always, if you have questions or concerns reach out to our team at