Once you have requested an export (more info on that here: Requesting Exports From VAN), you'll likely want to download it from VAN. This article will walk you through those steps!

Navigate to "My Requests" at the top of your voter contact page. If you have an export available for download you'll see (#) next to "My Requests" indicating the number of downloads available. Click "Download" next to the export name you'd like to download.

Now you'll be able to select the export format you'd like. If you'd like the standard person export you can leave the Standard Text format as selected. The Householded Mailing List format will provide a householded list based on household address. An example would be Pat Smith and John Anderson who both live at 1234 DFL Lane, Red Wing, MN. The Notes List will provide a format that contains notes on your list. 

Once you've selected your format, you can click "Export As" and decide what format you'd like your file in. I like downloaded to Excel best, but is not required.

Finally, you will be prompted to download the spreadsheet to your computer if you've selected .xls or .txt. Click "My Export Files" and then select to download. 

Questions or feedback? Please email us at voterfile@dfl.org 


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