Have you received a response from an activist mentioning that they'd like to receive emails at a different email address? Is there a typo in someone's name? You can update this information in ActionNetwork yourself! 

In this article, we will cover how you can update an activist's information in ActionNetwork. Keep reading to learn more!

Once you've logged into ActionNetwork, select "People" from the top ribbon and hover your mouse next to "Activists." This will populate three horizontal lines, which will allow you to view all activists in your group. See the image below to see what your screen should look like! Click on the three horizontal lines. 

You will now see a search bar where you can look up activists. You can search based on email or name. We recommend searching based on email as it is the unique identifier in ActionNetwork. You can also add new activists at this step by clicking the green "New Activist" button. Make sure to have their email and name! 

Once you've been able to find the activist click "Edit Record" as shown below. This will bring you to the activist's profile. 

You can now click "Edit Activist" and complete any updates on the activist's record you would like! Make sure to hit save at the bottom of the page! 

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