Where is My Training Link?

I signed up for a training, but I didn't see the zoom link come through. I accidentally deleted the email with my training link. How do I join the training? 

In this article we will share how you can find your link within the DFL Training Hub and some tips for where to search in your email inbox.

Finding the link in the DFL Training Hub

You will need to log into the Training Hub, so make sure you have your username and password handy. If you've forgotten your password since last logging in, you can choose to reset your password before proceeding. To do so, click "I've forgotten my password/username" below the log in fields. 

Once you've logged in click on "Live Sessions" 

Click on "#Registered". This will pull up all of the trainings you have already registered for.

Scroll to the training you would like the zoom link for. You can either copy out the link and save it in a secure place, or you can add the link to your calendar by clicking "Download." 

Tips for Finding the Link in Your Email

Often times automated emails will get flagged by your email as spam. Although we know the email is not spam, you should check your spam folder for the invitation link. 

Often email accounts will allow you to add the sender as a contact. You can do this so future training invitations will not be as likely to be flagged as spam.

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