In this article we will cover how you can add canvassers to your committee. This will be useful to help you send miniVAN lists to volunteers, to see how many contacts volunteers have made, and to give volunteers credit for their hard work!

When you first log into VAN navigate to "Quick Look Up," as shown below, and type in the name of the canvasser you 

would like to add. Click the blue "search" button in the right and corner. 

Once you find the canvasser you'd like to add, click into their profile. Scroll down to the "Voter File VANID" section and click the arrow to drop down the square shown below. Next to Canvasser click "Add New" to add this person as a canvasser. Another pop up will appear. 

The pop up is shown below. Likely, no results will be found, so you can click on "Add New Canvasser." This will show another pop up where you can click "Ok." Now you've added the volunteer as a canvasser in VAN! 

Here's an example of where you can assign tasks to a canvasser (volunteer). In this example we are sending a list to miniVAN. Under the canvasser drop down type in the canvasser you'd like to add. Then click "Send Now" to send the list to the canvasser's miniVAN. 

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