Did you create an email that was very well received by your audience? Does your communication specialist advise consistent branding? Have you made a bold choice and set your campaign’s signature colors to orange and gold to mimic the fall colors? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be thinking a template would be nice to create and maintain consistency across your campaign’s email communications. Luckily, ActionNetwork provides “Layouts” that will help you achieve these goals. In this article, we will cover how to create a layout and how to use it when writing emails.

How to Create a Layout


  • From your ActionNetwork home page click “Details” to get a drop down of additional tools and options
  • Click the three horizontal lines next to “Email Wrappers & Layouts”

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  • Scroll to the “Layouts” section of the page
  • Click the blue “Add New Layout” button
  • First, title your email layout something that will make you recall what this layout should be used for
  • Next, select the default colors for your buttons, button text, and body text by clicking the gray and white checkered box
    • Note that all of these colors can also be input by typing the hex code next to the gray and white checkered box
  • In the “Email Layout” section, drag and drop the desired elements in
  • Once this is complete click the blue “Save Layout” found in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 

Using Your Layout

  • Once you’ve saved your layout(s) you can use them when writing an email using the drag & drop function. 
  • Change the email editor to the Drag & Drop format using the toggle at the top of the email editor
  • Enter your subject, sender line, reply address, preview text, and all alternatives as usual
  • Below the preview text field, you will see a drop down to select an email layout
  • Choose your desired layout and hit “Apply”
    • A warning will pop up to alert you that any current text will be erased, click ok
  • From here you can update text and images in your layout for your current email!

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