You’re receiving this because you have access to Blast Email in VoteBuilder Minnesota. As you may know, on Monday, September 14, VoteBuilder Minnesota is moving to support a new, improved email tool called Targeted Email.

Because Targeted Email is a separate tool, you will need to speak with our Sales team to access it and start a new email plan. If you have an active plan, we strongly recommend speaking with Sales prior to September 14 to ensure continuity. Our sales team will be reaching out to your campaign over the coming weeks, and you can get the process started earlier by reaching out to

On Monday, September 14, we will start the transition by disabling Blast Email as it cannot remain active once we enable Targeted Email

Targeted Email is only available in My Campaign, and we will migrate your subscribed email addresses and blast email history from My Voters and My Campaign to the Targeted Email history in My Campaign. This process may take up to a day and during this time, users will not have access to either email tool. 

We will not be able to migrate any email drafts, templates, images, or other email content currently in Blast Email for My Voters and My Campaign. We strongly recommend you review any email content in advance of the migration should you need to retain and recreate it.

Additionally, to ensure a smooth transition, we ask that you do not modify or update your Blast Email plan going forward. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you’d like to learn more about Targeted Email now, log into VAN and use these resources to get started:

Overview: Targeted Email

How to: Create and send email

How to: Manage email subscriptions for Targeted Email

Overview: Reusables

Overview: Automation


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, and we hope you’re excited about Targeted Email.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach us with any questions or concerns.


Vice President of Client Services, NGP VAN