Highlighted How-To’s

Our highlighted How-To’s this week include A/B TestingTracking Sent Emailsand Counts and Crosstabs. We encourage you to look through these recent articles that we have added to our Knowledge Base. You can find our full knowledge base here

Updates to the MN Voterfile

Post Election Expectations

We still have plenty of work to do in these last 10 days (!!!) and we’re excited to continue to support your use of VAN and ActionNetwork. Some of you may have started to think of post-election expectations already. This week we will cover some basic outlines for post-election, which you can expect to hear more about after the election. As always, if you have any questions reach out to our team at

For campaigns, access for VAN is guaranteed through December 31, 2020 per section 7f of your VAN agreement. However, we will maintain active access to VAN until all voter data has been entered. We anticipate this could extend your VAN access through mid-January. We will communicate with campaign VAN Admins closer to this time.

Post-election, you can request to have a CSV file with IDs you collected over the cycle. Please email after November 15th, 2020 to make this request. Requests prior to November 15th, 2020 will not be honored unless resubmitted after November 15th, 2020. This will allow enough time to collect any lingering data and provide clean files for you! If you are planning to renew VAN access, you will not need to make this request. All collected data will remain in your VAN committee and be available to you once you re-new VAN access.

VAN pricing and the agreement will be available for distribution and access in Late January/Early February. The DFL Data team will wait for the approval of the Coordinated Table before providing official pricing and agreements for the 2021 cycle.

2021 Training Schedules

Our final trainings for VAN and ActionNetwork in 2020 wrapped up this past week. If you are in need of training on either tool before the general election, please reach out to us at to schedule an individual time. 

You may already be thinking about attending VAN and ActionNetwork trainings in 2021. We’re excited to offer our 2021 training sign ups for VAN and ActionNetwork. Both forms are currently accepting sign ups, but note that you will not receive an invitation to your desired training until the week of the training. Both of these trainings will will be intro courses for novice VAN and ActionNetwork users. We encourage all users to attend for refreshers on the tools as well. 

DFL Data Pets

As we’re all working together to have a successful GOTV, it’s important to take a moment to enjoy those near and dear to us. For the DFL data team, we hold our pets extra close! We hope you’ll enjoy this furry break from voter contact and feel recharged after. We wouldn’t mind seeing your DFL pets either!

VAN Associate Thomas Adamson wanted to share two pets this weekend! Up first is his Mom’s cat who is named Ash. Second, but loved just as much, is his family’s puppy (he’s actually an old man) who is named Brody. Both seem like lots of fun - rumour has it, both pets phonebank in their free time. 

Hello everyone, my name is Mozzie and I’m Data Intern Swetha Saravanan’s pup! I am the Deputy Canine Manager for the Biden/Harris Campaign. I work with Champ and Major Biden to help them navigate their future home, the White House. I also give them advice on how to carry themselves in a professional manner. The current president could use my assistance! If you’re ever on the MIT campus stop by my office, I teach in the department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. You might also recognize me as a New Bark Time’s bestselling author. I’ve written two books, “I didn’t steal the socks” and “If only my humans knew,” my latest tell all. I love meeting new people and I’m always looking for more furry friends, so let’s meet for kibbles.

Deputy Voterfile Manager Amanda K. Williams (writing to you now!) has one doggo named Asher. Sometimes we call him “punk” when he gets too into fetch. He’s a strong believer in science and hopes to be walked by Dr. Fauci one day! He wears his democrat-blue mask for each walk. Although we can’t trick or treat this year, Asher felt his astronaut costume was too good to pass up!