Although the DFL Data Team is not able to reset Open VPB log ins, we are able to offer some suggestions to get volunteers back to calling! Their first step should always be to use the "Forgot your password?" button at the sign in screen. In this article we will cover self-administering a password reset, common solutions for a log in error, and invalid password message tips.

Self-Administering a Password Reset

As mentioned in our intro, volunteers who have forgotten their password should utilize the "Forgot your password?" They will be prompted to enter the email address associated with your ActionID account. Volunteers will be emailed a link to reset their password. They may need to check your spam folder. See the graphic to the left for an image of the log in screen. 

Common Solutions for a Log In Error

If you haven’t phone banked with a VPB before, the first step is to click on “Create Action ID” and follow the prompts from there. You should be doing this on a laptop, desktop, or tablet (rather than a smartphone), and enabling two-factor authentication. We recommend using browsers other than Safari. Finally, in many instances, clearing your cache/browsing data and cookies will address the issue. 

Invalid Password Message Tips

  • Make sure your caps lock isn't on
  • When you created your password it had to have an uppercase letter, a number or special character, and more than eight (8) characters - does the password you're trying meet this criteria?
  • If these don't resolve your log in issue, you should reset your password

If this article does not resolve your log in issue, you can contact NGP VAN Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm Eastern at 202-686-9330 or create a new ActionID account.

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