• Highlighted How-To

    • Event Manager - Tracking Volunteer Shifts

  • New Vote Plan 2020 Survey Question 

  • Reminder - Updates to the Minnesota Voterfile

    • Early Vote Data

  • Using My Campaign Effectively

Highlighted How-To

Our highlighted How-To this week is Event Manager - Tracking Volunteer Shifts [link]. We encourage you to look through these recent articles that we have added to our Knowledge Base. You can find our full knowledge base here

New Vote Plan 2020 Survey Question in VAN

This weekend and early next week, the data team will be uploading all past vote plan survey question responses from all committees into one question: “*Vote Plan - General.” Moving forward, this will be the vote plan question for every script, and every committee has been shared on the question. This will help everyone, since you will now be able to see and search on all responses in your district, even those that have been collected by other campaigns. 

For those of you who have been using the default script, you should not notice any changes. The question has the same wording and responses as the standard question. For those of you who have been using your own version of the vote plan question, you can expect to hear from us next week regarding the transition to the general vote plan question.

Updates to the MN Voterfile

Early Voting has begun! A reminder from last weekend, we started loading early vote data into VAN on Friday, 9/18. Now through 10/19, this data will be into VAN for you by 11:30 AM. Starting on 10/19 through the Election this data will be into VAN for you by 7:30AM. 

Using My Campaign Effectively

As we move into the final weeks of the 2020 cycle and get closer to GOTV, we wanted to give you a couple of quick reminders on how to best use the My Campaign side of VAN. 

While My Voters has all voters in the Secretary of State’s Voter File, My Campaign allows you to curate lists of voters who are engaged with your specific campaign. This is especially useful for tracking volunteers (see the highlighted article above), donors, or people you know you want to reach out to again during GOTV. My Campaign voter profile pages also have the ability to track more personalized information such as social media accounts and the relationships between voters.

To move people from My Voters to My Campaign, simply look up a voter in My Campaign. If they don’t have a My Campaign profile yet, click Search My Voter File. Select the voter you want to move and click Copy Person to move them. If you have a large list to copy, please reach out to us at and we can move them in bulk. 

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

45 more days to go, hang in there!