Do you have a fun meme to share with your audience, a call to action for college students, or a note about Social Security? You might consider targeting your email list to folks who are in a certain age demographic for niche messaging. ActionNetwork allows you to target your list based on age. In this article we will review how you can use the Field Values criteria to complete this task. 


  1. In the targeting step of your email scroll down to the Field Values criteria under Tags, Sources, and Fields and click Add.
  2. Here you can select the field value you’d like to search on. To search on age select “Date of Birth” from the drop down. You can also type in the drop down to bring up the field value you’re looking for. 
  3. In the bottom field you can entered the date of birth or range of birth dates you are looking for. 
    • As an example, if we wanted to include everyone who is eligible to vote based on age for the 2020 General Election, we can enter in November 3, 2002.
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  4. Please note the following about the syntax needed:
    • Use the operators >> or << to indicate values that are greater than or less than each other
    • Date format is yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss, so December 1st, 2017, 2:00pm and 15 seconds is 2017/12/01 14:00:15. Time is optional.
    • Use % as a wildcard. Ex: "%abc" will return any value that ends with "abc".

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