Training Hub – How Do I get Trained?


I want to sign up for an ActionNetwork or VAN training. I was directed to the DFL Training Hub webpage, but I don’t know where to go from there. 


In this article we will cover how to sign up for Live Trainings offered by the DFL Data Team.

Please view our full training schedule here




From the DFL Training Hub webpage you will see two options, to make a Hub account or to log in. We will first cover how to create an account and circle back to the log in process for existing users. 


To create a new Hub Account, select "Click here to make your account" as shown below.

Select Add to cart.


Next, you will select Training Hub Registration

You will then be directed back to a page very similar to the one before, and will again select Add to cart.

You will then be directed to a page that asks for your name and contact information (see below).

You will receive an email with further log in instructions from In the email you will be provided with your username (the email you provided) and a log in link. Save your username in a safe digital space, preferably a password locker. Click the log in link or copy it into your browser. Ensure that your first and last name are correct and enter a password. Again, save your password in a safe digital space, preferably a password locker. 


You are now a registered Training Hub user!




We will now cover how to register for a training session offered by the DFL Data Team. 

First, navigate to

To register for a course, select Already have an account? Log In! as shown to the left.


You will receive a welcome message once you log in. You can select Continue to Dashboard to continue to your homepage. 


Recorded VAN training is available in full on the Training Hub. Select "Content Library" from your home page.

From the Content Library page on the Training Hub, please search "2023 Required VAN Training" and filter to "Learning Paths." See the screenshot below for how to find the correct learning path:

Then, you will have access to the course!


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