What happens when an email through ActionNetwork bounces back? How do I correct email addresses when the recipient responds with a better email?

ActionNetwork automatically unsubscribes emails that bounce because the email address does not exist. You can read more about how ActionNetwork automatically filters out bad email addresses here.


If a recipient responds to inform you that the email address is closed or not monitored, but does not give you a better address to use, you can manually unsubscribe them from your list(s). 

To do this, in our group, click People and then "Activists."

On this page, you can search for email recipients and edit their information and profiles. We recommend search by the email address to minimize the chance you select the wrong person. When you find their profile, click "Edit Record"

Finally, click "Unsubscribe All." They are now removed from your list(s)


If a recipient responds to let you know that they have a better email address to use, you can edit their email address on file. 

To do this, navigate to their profile as shown above. Once there, click "Edit Activist"

Next Click "Edit Email"

Finally, simply type in the new email and click save. All new emails will go to the newly saved address. 


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