How do I enter my data from paper lists into VAN? How do I ensure my MiniVAN data is properly entered into VAN? What is the most efficient way to get my data loaded into VAN?

Once you have logged in, select Voter Contact and pay special attention to the Track Activity section which offers a variety of data entry methods. 

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There are four ways to commit different types of data:

  1. MiniVAN Commit
  2. Grid View
  3. Scan Barcode
  4. Quick Mark

MiniVAN Commit

Select Commit MiniVAN Data from the Track Activity Section of your home page.

Select your list and review for notable or flagged errors. Once your list is reviewed, hit Commit

**Note: MiniVAN data will expire after 21 days, so be extra careful to sync this data back on a regular basis!

Grid View

Select Grid View from the Enter Data dropdown


Enter the list number. You are able to find this at the bottom right corner of any of the walk/call sheets you had printed then click Next twice.

You will see rows and columns with voter information and drop-down to record their canvas results.

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  • Result is where you can record the canvass result (ex: not home, moved, etc)
  • Canvasser is where you record who completed this contact
  • Activist Codes will be recorded with a check mark
  • Survey Questions will be record using the corresponding response selected from the drop down

In instances that the voter was not home, you can leave the result field blank until you finish each page and select to Mark Remaining Not Home in the bottom left corner of Grid View

After completing each page be sure hit Save and proceed to the next page by hitting Next. You can navigate back to a previous page using the back button. Hitting save will commit this data to the voter’s record, once you work through the full list you are done!

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Scan Barcode


Select Scan Barcode from the Enter Data dropdown, you will need your printed list and a barcode scanner.

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Fill in the required data as appropriate, select the Entry Order, and hit Next

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For Result First, then Names, scan a result code and hit Enter. Then, scan the barcodes for each of the names to which you would like to apply the code. If there are more than one results codes being applied to the list of names, repeat the process by scanning new result codes and names.

For Name First, then Result, scan the first name on your list, then click Enter. Then scan the barcode for the result which you would like to apply. Repeat the process until all of the data on your list is entered.



Quick Mark

You can read about Quick Mark here.


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