When you go to dflvictory.com you’ll be prompted with two login options:

1) A blue button that says “Log in with ActionID”

2) Two fields: “Account Name,” and “Password”

First, make sure that you’re selecting “Log in with ActionID”

There you should be prompted with two fields: “Email Address,” and “Password.”

This should be the email address you used to create your login and the password associated with it. Enter those and click “Log In.” At this point you should see one of the three following pages:

1) You are looped right back to the first page you saw when you went to dflvictory.com with the two different login options.

2) Some error message. Often it will be something about your account not being connected or something similar, but there are others.
3) A page to either accept the user agreement, or a dashboard with a bunch of options in VAN. If this is the case congrats! You’re in!


If you find yourself at option 1 scroll up on your web browser. You should find a blue box with a bunch of text saying something about “Your login requirements have changed…” as well as a link to accounts.ngpvan.com.

  1. Follow that link to accounts.ngpvan.com. The issue with your login is that you have not yet enabled two-factor authentication. When you get to accounts.ngpvan.com you should that your “Two-Factor Authentication,” has a red bubble and says “Off.” 
  2. Click the blue button that says “Edit Profile.”
  3. You should see a toggle button underneath the “Two-Factor Authentication,” header. Switch that on and follow the instructions to use your phone to turn on two-factor. (If you already use a two-factor authentication application for other logins you should use that instead) 
  4. Once you’ve followed all of the steps, click the blue “Save,” button in the bottom right hand corner of that original edit screen. You should now be back at accounts.ngpvan.com and there should be a green bubble with “On,” under the “Two-Factor Authentication,” section.
  5. Now go back to dflvictory.com and login with no issues. 
  6. You’ll likely be prompted to enter your two-factor code again. Click the “Remember Device,” box. This means you’ll only have to enter that code every 30 days on that computer.

If you find yourself at option two let me know! It means that I’ll have to resend a link for you.

If you find yourself at option three you’re good to go! Remember to use the “Log in with ActionID,” option every time you access VAN.


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