How do I add new people into myCampaign from myVoters? How do I add someone new who doesn't have a profile on either side of VAN?

**Note: It is not possible to add a new voter on the myVoters side of VAN. We can only add new profiles to myCampaign

Start by quick looking up that individual in myCampaign to double-check they don't already exist. Try to be as specific as possible in your search; try name, address, and phone number if you have that information.

If they aren't there, click "Search My Voter File" -- VAN will now search for that person to see if they are registered in the state of Minnesota.

If there are people in myVoters who match your search criteria, you'll see them listed below. If you find the person you are looking for, select the profile you want to add, click "Copy Person." They are now added and searchable in myCampaign.

If you cannot find the individual you're looking for, click the "Add New Person." Always, try to copy a person first. Sometimes you don't have enough info to match somebody to their voter registration, and other times they just aren't registered.

When creating a person always fill out as much of the information as you can. Particularly things like:

  • City
  • State
  • County
  • Contact information such as
    • email
    • phone number

Filling out as much of this information as we can makes the profile more searchable and actionable in the future!

Once you have copied or added you will be directed to their new My Campaign profile where you can add additional information.

Note: If you have a large list of people to add to myCampaign (20+), there are some options for adding people in bulk. This must be requested by your committee's VAN Administrator with an email to


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